Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest #Hashtags and 30 Million Users!

It's no secret, pinterest is here and they mean business.

Pinterest only two years old, (source) has captured 11.7 million users in only 8 months! (source)

Pinterest's intuitive layout symbiotic to it's simple beauty makes this social site one to watch this year.

You can upload your own shots from #instagram, facebook, or URL's across the web. There are no limits to the organization possibilities of Pinterest.

Lets say for instance, you want to organize your photos across the web using a certain hash-tag. For this example I will use one I created "meowtains" and demonstrate the benefits of hashtags across the web.

You can create your own boards on Pinterest using custom hashtags or just simply name them.

" "

Now, you can start organize your own personal photos from twitter, facebook, and instagram all from your #iPhone!

The possabilities are virtually endless, which is why businesses are jumping on the bandwagon quick! According to Mashable, "Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social media portals for consumers," and apparently driving more traffic than Google+! (before going to their website) (source).

I just recently joined (Well, rather invited) to pinterest and also to Google+. I also recently joined instagram, and according to I joined when there we're about 22 million users. Instagram now infamous for there facebook buyout (in a 1.2 billion dollar deal) had roughly 30 million users at that time.

If instagram can aquire 30 million users in 2 years, my prediction is that Pinterest will have 30 million unique users in 1 year and 6 months (about a year from now). We are living in exponential times. Here is the video explanation of exponential times below.

What does this mean for Marketing in the next decade to come? are there going to be companies that caputre more market share than existing ones of today? Lastly, what will be the next Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram? Only time will tell, until then, Pin On!

For Fun

A list of the 21 Must-Follow Pinners on Pinterest courtsey of Mashable

Lightning in Colorado

If you were in the greater metro Denver this week, you may hay heard or even felt rumbles all to close to home.

Check out this awesome shot, taken near Parker, Colorado. This Nikon D3100 exposure was 25" at f 3.5 with an iso of 100 with a Nikkor 18mm Lens. Ok so I'll admit that the settings were off which could have possibly reduced the noise, but overall I think it looks pretty good. Only seconds before that I could actually see a bolt in the lens, although the shudder would not release. When switched to manual focus a balance between precious time and making sure you have a sharp image are weighed. Then across the sky...

Right after I pulled the trigger!

It's almost hard to tell if this is out of focus or not...This might as well be a first time user guide with the Nikon D3100. A 'what not to do' in this case.

Here is the final version on #instagram and also available on #instacanvas

Only minor editing on #instagram! This billion dollar app is quite intuitive!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

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